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Whether work happens on the road, in the warehouse, at the office or across multiple retail locations, Artek protects your business from possible loss and litigation by assembling the perfect line of coverage. Enjoy the custom treatment across general liability, commercial auto, workers’ compensation and other protection.

Every policy is tailored to meet your exact business needs, accounting for all kinds of unforeseen accidents, damage, theft, employee illness, customer injury and other threats to property and portfolio. Coupled with our dependable risk management and claims support, you’re free to grow with confidence.

Commercial auto

If your business requires a fleet of vehicles to keep operations humming, our team can assemble an exceptional coverage package. From company cars to work vans to service trucks to semi-trailers, protect everyone (and everything) in the event of an accident, property damage, liability and more.

Property & liability

In these litigious times, multiline policies are your lifeblood. If a person becomes injured at your place of business due to accident, negligence or malpractice, Artek supplies you with a powerful safety net to avoid financial ruin. We also offer extensive BOPs covering property damage caused by fire, flood, natural disaster, sewage backup, vandalism, theft and other hazards.

Workers’ comp

Depending on the state in which they operate, business owners are subject to mandatory coverage requirements. Our team has intimate knowledge of these bylaws and helps you comply in full. Get competitive workers’ compensation packages, provide for your employees in the event of workplace injury, and protect against costly lawsuits.

Umbrella insurance

As your risk grows, so does your insurance need. Many commercial policies provide ample protection—but does yours go the extra mile? Our skilled protection designers perform thorough evaluations to determine your liability, identify gaps and get you additional umbrella coverage for peace of mind in the event of a major claim.

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