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Manufacturers & wholesalers

Get comprehensive insurance covering every element of the risky supply chain process. We help manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, safeguard costly equipment, inventory and extensive workforce with one convenient policy.

General & artisan contractors

Whether you’re managing a large construction site, performing skilled plumbing work, or readying your commercial building for a big renovation, we offer all manner of liability, builders risk and environmental insurance.

Restaurants & retail establishments

Our specialists understand the unique challenges facing restaurateurs, caterers, grocers and other professionals in food service and similar retail settings. Let Artek assemble a custom policy including liability, property, workers’ comp and more.

Real estate

Property owners need special coverage to ensure their building, tenants and other assets are protected in the event of accident, disaster or litigation. We offer full coverage for apartments, condos, mixed-use buildings, offices and more.

Accounts receivable

For companies supplying goods or services in large quantities, money owned by debtors proves a significant asset. If you’re selling to clients on credit or similar terms, feel empowered to grow without fear, as we cover losses in case of default.

Healthcare institutions

Whether care happens in a hospital, facility, office or private home, owners and administrators need the right insurance to protect valuable equipment, property and staff. We also provide policies shielding you against costly malpractice claims.

Professional liability

Beyond injury and accident, practitioners who provide personal services breathe easier with extended liability coverage. From healthcare workers to architects, Artek defends professionals against errors, omissions and related liabilities.

Garages & mechanics

Car-related liability is notoriously tricky. Our specialists are well aware of the issues affecting car washes, mechanics, gas stations, valets, body shops and similar enterprises. So we tune up your policy to minimize risk and maximize coverage.

Security & monitoring

The business of security is fraught with risk. That’s why our team has your back in case of personal injury, technological failure, false arrest, invasion of privacy, theft, property damage and other claims posing a threat to your firm and workforce.

Commercial truckers

If you manage a fleet of commercial trucks, heavy equipment, massive cargo or similar assets as part of your business, don’t take any chances with your liability coverage. Artek procures flexible policies to suit your exact business model.

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